Fruit Plantation Drive at SGPC’s World University

October 27, 2021 - PatialaPolitics

The fruit plantation drive was organized at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib on 19th October 2021 for the plantation of evergreen fruit plants in the campus on 4 acres of land earmarked for this purpose. The faculty members, field staff and laboratory staff and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Agriculture, participated in preparing layout of the orchard and plantation of fruit plants. The honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Prit Pal Singh inaugurated the fruit plantation drive and planted first kinnow plant. Dr. S.S Billing, Dean Academic Affairs also participated in the plantation drive and planted the sapling of kinnow mandarin at this occasion. After that Dr. J. S. Bal, Dean Faculty of Agriculture; Dr. H. S. Thind, Prof. of Agriculture; Dr. Jaspreet Kaur, In-charge, Deptt. of Agriculture and Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Asstt. Prof. Agriculture planted saplings in the prepared pits. At this occasion, all the post-graduate students also got opportunity of planting the kinnow plants in the pits and ultimately practically learned the whole operation for digging, filling and planting of fruit plants.

Dr. Prit Pal Singh Vice-Chancellor of Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University while In his address appreciated the consistent efforts of Faculty of Agriculture for their service of fruit plants’ plantation in the University campus. He lauded the efforts, hard work and long practical experience of Dr, J. S. Bal, Dean Faculty of Agriculture for planning of the 4 acres of orchard of evergreen fruit plants i.e. guava, mango, kinnow now and two acres of deciduous fruit plants i.e. pear, peach and plum earlier during the month of January this year, which can play important role in diversification of agriculture programme. The Vice Chancellor laid stress on the plantation of fruit plants in the orchard and in the kitchen garden, as fruits contribute to the health, happiness and prosperity of the people. The standard of living of the people can be judged by production and consumption of fruits per capita. India is climatically favourable for the production of a variety of a tropical, sub-tropical and temperate fruits. Present availability of fruits in India is less than the minimum dietary requirement of 230 g. To meet the minimum dietary requirements at a reasonable cost, there is a great need to increase the area and production of fruits.

Dr. J. S. Bal told that planting an orchard is a long term investment and needs lot of planning and expertise. Planning and planting a new orchard require utmost attention and care of various aspects like the selection of location and site, nature of soil and subsoil, planting of suitable kinds and varieties of fruits, proper planting distance and purchasing of fruit plants from reliable nurseries. Mistakes committed initially on any aspect may reduce the returns greatly, besides wastage of time and energy. He told that the land should be properly cleaned, ploughed and levelled. Layout of the orchard of the Plantation drive was done according to the square system of planting.

Light refreshment was served at the orchard site under the shade of trees and everyone enjoyed a cup of tea in the natural environment. Dr. Jaspreet Kaur proposed the vote of thanks to the chief guest, faculty and field staff and students for their participation in fruit plantation drive.