Patiala MC creates a cafe/restaurant from waste material

January 22, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

Patiala MC creates a cafe/restaurant from waste material

Best out of waste

Municipal Corporation ,Patiala has taken an intiative to create best out of waste.In this project the materials used are from the workshop left out material which are not in use any more.
The building which is being used for this innovative project is tubewell room of Modeltown main park .
The innovative project is “The recycle coffee Shop ” .
The leftout steelsheets ,steel pipes and wood are made in used to encircle the coffee house as boundary wall. The boundary wall is decorated with paintings and scrap material. For sitting arrangements such as tables and chairs, the materials used are thrown out and shapeless logs and empty waste drums .The 50% of the sitting area is roofedover with scrap steelsheets.
For decorative hanging lights waste PVC pipes have been used and for pots empty paint buckets and empty oil cans have been used. The finishing touche and beautification is done by colourful paintings ,wooden shikara and toy train is displayed.

Beneficial effects

1. Waste area transformed into productive area .

2. Scrap material recycled and used for beautification.

3.Coffee shop creat employment.
4. Recreational area. for general public.


Location: Model Town,Near Tagore


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