PBTI starts Water testing for Virological Contamination: Meet Hayer

September 6, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

PBTI starts Water testing for Virological Contamination: Meet Hayer

Pursuant to the commitment of the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann led state Government to provide a clean environment for the residents of the state, Punjab Biotechnology Incubator (PBTI) has started water testing for Virological contamination.


Divulging the details, Science Technology and Environment Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer said that as the monsoon season sets in, the waterborne infections such as Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis (Hepatitis A and E) and Diarrhoea are commonly reported. Over the past few years, water borne diseases due to viral pathogens such as Hepatitis A and E had increased in Punjab. Hepatitis A is the most common cause of acute hepatitis in paediatric age group below 5 years and Hepatitis E is the cause of high mortality in pregnant women.


Meet Hayer further said that the study conducted on 200 samples of drinking water from SAS Nagar, Ropar, Ludhiana & Sri Muktsar Sahib indicates presence of MS2 phages in 10% of the samples tested. The concerned departments of Punjab can now utilize the virus testing services of PBTI at their door step.


The minister said that currently various concerned departments are analysing water samples for bacterial pathogens only (Coliform and E.coli). Keeping in view the occurrence of hepatitis infections, the testing of water for virus contamination becomes very important. Indian Standard ‘Specifications for Drinking Water’ (IS 10500:2012) also covers the detection of MS2 phages as indicator for virological contamination in water.


Punjab Biotechnology Incubator (PBTI) a multi-sectoral hi-end analytical facility under Deptt. of Science, Technology & Environment, GoP is 1st NABL accredited facility in Punjab which has started providing services for Virus screening (MS2 phages) in drinking water.