USA: 4 Lakh Indians May Die Without Green Card

September 7, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

USA: 4 Lakh Indians May Die Without Green Card


Over 4 lakh Indians will die before they receive a green card to the United States, a new report has said, adding that over 11 lakh applications from Indians are pending in US’s employment-based green card backlog.

A green card or a Permanent Resident Card is a document issued to US immigrants granting them permanent residence in the country.

The Cato Institute, a US-based think tank, reported that 63% of the total 1.8 million pending employment-based green card applications in the US are from India. This backlog combines with the 8.3 million pending applications from the family-sponsored system.

The report states that new Indian applicants face an extraordinarily long wait time, equivalent to over 134 years