Never passed any orders for Firing in Sacrilege Case: Badal

September 1, 2018 - PatialaPolitics

Chandigarh September 1 – Former Punjab Chief Minster Mr Parkash Singh Badal said here today the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh had lowered the dignity of the august office he happens to hold by using “foul and cheap language” on the floor of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha.

Mr Badal said that it was ironical that those who posed as champions of Sikh religion in the Vidhan Sabha did not even wait 72 hours before garlanding and honouring statues of the killers of Sikhs. They were even heard giving clean chits to the author of Operation Blue star and addressing her as Indiraji.”

Referring to the use of expressions such as “Badmash, Buzdil, liar and unreliable”, Mr Badal said that every sensitive and civilized Punjabi has been deeply hurt to see their Chief Minister stooping to such lowly depth. “But I expected nothing better than this from a leader whose mind is debased and who is not only a rank opportunist but is also devoid of moral character and given to pursuits of unethical leisure and pleasure.” Mr Badal however said that he is truly saddened that he has to hit back at those who hit below the belt.

Hitting back at the Chief Minister, Mr Badal asked, “If according to you a person who has spent long years languishing in the country’s worst and the darkest prison cells fighting for the cause of the nation, the state and of the Khalsa Panth is a coward, then what would you call someone who has never fought for any cause nor been to a prison for even a moment nor made any other sacrifice for any principle he believes in, if he does believe in any?” asked Mr Badal.

In a statement here, Mr Badal said that Captain Singh represents a party which is responsible for the worst and the most painful sacrilege against Shri Guru Granth Sahib committed when Indira Gandhi rolled tanks and mortars to destroy Shri Akal Takhat Sahib and shatter the sacred bosom of Shri Harmandar Sahib. “Countless ‘saroops’ of holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib were desecrated by the forces then.”

Mr Badal also warned the Chief Minister against playing with fire and pushing Punjab back into the jaws of violence and bloodshed. “The flames that turned the urban and country landscape of Punjab almost to ashes are still raging. And you are preparing to unleash new flames. Have mercy on the innocent and peaceful men, women, youth and children of Punjab and roll back your forces of hatred,” Mr Badal pleaded vehemently.

The former CM said that in all his years in service of Punjab as the Chief Minster, he devoted all his time and energy to ensure peace and communal harmony and understanding among various sects in the state. “My mind and my conscience are absolutely clean in this regard. I am not scared of the threats being thrown by a hollow braggart who wastes his life in the pursuit of unethical pleasures. I have discharged with utmost honesty, transparency, dedication and commitment whatever sacred duty had been assigned to me by the people of Punjab,” said Mr Badal, adding that he will continue to serve the Punjabis till his last breath.

Commenting on the painful incidents of sacrilege and the consequent police action in October 2015 , Mr Badal said, “ It was a period of unbearable pain and stress on my mind. I remained in live contact with the district administration officials and the DGP till well past midnight. There was never a minute when I was able to go to sleep peacefully as the situation was extremely delicate and critical.”

Mr Badal made it clear that there were clear and firm instructions from him that the entire issue should be resolved through discussion and dialogue. “At no stage was the issue of police firing even considered and nor were any orders passed by me in this regard.”

Mr Badal said that his government had handed over the entire case to the CBI at the best of some organization that were opposing us. We wanted a totallycredible and transparent solution. It was in the pursuit of this that we set up Zora Singh Commission and formed an SIT. The same SIT has been fintioning with the same officers under the present government too.

Mr Badal said, I am not one of those who would indulge in leisure and pleasures, indifferent to the sanctity of my duties towards my people. I am a deeply God fearing person and have always been deeply conscious of my duties I have always advocated peaceful approach