International Mother Language Day celebrated at Desh Bhagat University

February 28, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

International Mother Language Day celebrated at Desh Bhagat University

In a celebration of linguistic diversity and cultural unity, the Department of Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages, Desh Bhagat University, joined hands with the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat cell to organize a special program commemorating International Mother Language Day. Under the theme “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning,” the event underscored the pivotal role of languages in fostering understanding, knowledge transfer, and cultural appreciation.


Addressing the gathering, Dr. Devinder Kumar Sharma, Director of the Department of Languages, underscored the significance of mother languages in shaping individual and collective identities. He emphasized that beyond mere communication tools, our mother languages embody our heritage, carrying the wisdom and values passed down through generations. Dr. Sharma highlighted that multilingual education is instrumental in preserving and effectively transmitting this legacy, thereby nurturing a more inclusive and enriching learning environment.


Echoing Dr. Devinder Kumar Sharma’s sentiments, Dr. Dharminder Singh, Deputy Director of Research in the Department of Languages, emphasized the importance of promoting multilingualism in today’s interconnected world. He noted that proficiency in multiple languages opens doors to opportunities across cultures and careers, enabling individuals to forge connections, build understanding, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse global society.


The program also featured insightful talks by esteemed faculty members. Dr. Ram Singh Gurna, Professor of History, delved into the historical significance of International Mother Language Day, paying tribute to the sacrifices made in Bangladesh to uphold linguistic rights. Dr. Ajaypal Singh, Professor of Hindi, delivered a thought-provoking speech on the vital role of mother languages in preserving cultural heritage and fostering creativity.