Punjab to witness coldwave in March 2024

March 3, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Punjab to witness coldwave in March 2024

To the plains of North India, #Punjab, #pHaryana, #Delhi, #Rajasthan and #UttarPradesh this week and will lead to a considerable drop in minimums and a 2-4°C drops in the maximums.


•This was expected as its a EL-NINO winter with transition towards LA-NINA, the snowfall is late but heavier due to active WDs and cold air sticks around lower & for longer.


So what to expect?

•Temps in urban jungles of #Delhi, #Ncr will fall to 6-10°C range

•Temps in rural & less urban places of #Punjab, #Haryana & #Rajasthan, #Chandigarh will fall to 3-8°C range

•Temp in parts of W #UttarPradesh will fall to 5-11°C range


•Even #frost might make a comeback to the frost prone places like #Churu, #Sikar, #FatehpurShekhawati.


•The high day temps will be restricted to 23-26°C range this week.


•The dry & cold air is already reaching the plains & will drop the temps soon