CEO Sibin C Visits State Level Media Monitoring Cell

March 11, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

CEO Sibin C Visits State Level Media Monitoring Cell

Appeals to Media to Play a Meaningful and Impactful Role in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Chandigarh, March 11:

Sibin C, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab, today conducted a visit to the State Level Media Monitoring Cell, where television news channels, print media, social media platforms and websites are being closely monitored in light of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024. Following the imposition of Election Model Code of Conduct, activities in the State Media Monitoring Cell will be significantly intensified.


Sibin C said that as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the Media Monitoring Cell has been established in the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. He emphasized the crucial role of the media in strengthening democracy. He appealed to the media to play a meaningful and impactful role during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. He stated that during elections, the media should provide accurate and truthful information to the public. He also assured full cooperation to the Media.


It is noteworthy that the State Media Monitoring Cell, through the officials of Information and Public Relations Department and skilled social media experts, diligently monitors all newspapers, news channels, social media platforms, and websites to ensure adherence to the instructions and regulations set forth by the Election Commission of India. Moreover, it serves as a pivotal hub for disseminating crucial information and updates related to the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 to the media. This communication will persist after the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct also. Notably, senior officials from the Chief Electoral Officer’s office were also present during the visit of the Media Monitoring Cell.