Desh Bhagat Dental College & Hospital Celebrates World Orthodontic Day

May 24, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Desh Bhagat Dental College & Hospital Celebrates World Orthodontic Day

Desh Bhagat Dental College & Hospital’s Faculty of Dental Sciences marked World Orthodontic Day with an event themed “Need for Speed.” The celebration was inaugurated by Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor of Desh Bhagat University, and Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Pro-Chancellor.


In his opening remarks, Dr. Zora Singh emphasized the importance of such events in raising awareness about orthodontics, especially among rural populations. The event featured Dr. Eenal Bhambri from Surendera Dental College & Research Institute, Sri Ganganagar, as the keynote speaker. Dr. Bhambri addressed the increasing demand for faster orthodontic treatments due to patients’ busy lifestyles. She discussed non-invasive methods that have been introduced to address this need, highlighting vibrational force and OrthoPulse technology.


“Vibrational force has an anabolic effect on bone, promoting faster tooth movement,” explained Dr. Bhambri. “OrthoPulse uses low-intensity near-infrared light technology to gently accelerate orthodontic treatment. It’s a self-treatment device that doesn’t require extra chair time, making it convenient for patients.”


Dr. Bhambri also touched on piezocision, a surgical technique shown to reduce treatment duration, though it involves some degree of invasiveness.


On this occasion Dr. Unnati Pitale was also present. A poster-presentation competition was held for students, aiming to educate the community on orthodontic care. Winners were awarded certificates for their creative and informative contributions.