Punjab weekend lockdown in details

June 12, 2020 - PatialaPolitics

Under the new guidelines:

  • Shops dealing with essential commodities/services shall remain open on all days till 7 pm.
  • Restaurants (for take-home/home delivery only) and liquor shops will also continue to be open till 8.00 PM on all days.
  • However, other shops, whether standalone or in shopping malls, shall remain closed on Sundays, while on Saturdays they can open till 5 pm, with the district authorities directed to ensure strict compliance of these timings.
  • In addition to the Sunday closure, the District Magistrates may choose, in consultation with the respective market associations, to order the closure of the non-essential shops on any other day of the week also, especially in the high-risk areas where the cases are high.
  • Inter-district movement shall be allowed against e-pass, which will be issued only for essential work, but no pass shall be required for such travel in case of a medical emergency.
  • Further, e-pass will also be required for marriage functions and will be issued only for 50 specific persons.