About Patiala Politics

Led by the tireless and dynamic single-handedly by Baljeet Singh Kohli , Patiala Politics has been able to carve a special place in the hearts of the residents of the Royal city-Patiala in a short span of time. Patiala Politics aims to serve as the one-stop shop for all the news, information and entertainment related needs of Patiala and its surrounding areas. Since the launch of its Facebook page two years ago, Patiala Politics has developed a strong relationship trust and credibility with the citizens of Patiala. Patiala Politics has become a force to reckon with in the media echelons of the city, providing the fastest, most reliable and unbiased news and media reports.

To cater to the ever increasing demand for the consumption of news on the go, the Patiala Politics has now launched www.patialapolitics.com; a diverse, interactive and user friendly information and news powerhouse offering seamless experience on computer, tabs and smartphones. With the love, care and affection of the residents of the Royal City, Patiala Politics will continue to strive hard for the welfare of this beautiful city.

So far, the year 2020 has been a year which people would like to forget about but won’t be able to wipe off from their memory. The world is in a tight grip of a deadly virus and is going through a pandemic. This is unlike anything we have experienced in our lives. The virus is affecting the lives of everyone as we all have to stay locked up, restricted from any commercial or social endeavors. The psychological state of an individual and of the society has been put to test and it will take a while to get rid of the psychological impact of this virus.
Our daily routine has been left redundant and majority of us have been ‘trapped’ in our homes. It’s indeed a challenge to keep yourself mentally and emotionally stable while your work, education, and social life is suffering. There have been plenty of media reports that staying at home has resulted in the incidents of depression, domestic violence and drug abuse. There’s a palpable fear of job loss, unemployment and starvation. To top it all, people confined to their homes have been bombarded with ‘news, information and the myriad guidelines’ from various media outlets, local, state and central government agencies.
In this explosion of information, the value of verified and trusted news sources has been grossly felt by the masses. Though people still trust the accuracy and objectivity of the print media, but in times like these people have started following various online portals for fast, accurate and round the clock unbiased information. Newspapers and electronic media outlooks fall short in highlighting the local issues which concerns the residents of a city and to satiate their hunger of local content they throng to online pages and portals which serve this purpose. Patiala Politics is one such page and portal which was born out of this need and within a short span of under 4 years has become the trusted go to place for the residents of Patiala city seeking trustworthy, accurate and fast information.
Patiala Politics and its subsidiary helpline group, Patiala Helpline Punjab, it has become the all-encompassing source of information and news related to Patiala district. Be it fast and reliable updates on the Covid-19 situation in the Patiala district or disseminating vital information and guidelines to the masses, Patiala Politics has built a strong relationship of trust and credibility with the residents of the Royal City. Patiala Politics claims to have an envious reach of over 3 million on its facebook page posts and its subsidiary helpline group. In these uncertain and insecure times, organizations like Patiala Politics are actually doing Yeoman’s service.