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Columbia Asia doctors saved premature 570gm baby and mother

Born two months premature after a 
complicated pregnancy, the baby, weighing 570 grams was the size of an adult’s palm . However, after 74 days of treatment and care, doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital were not only able to save his life but were also able to make sure he left the hospital healthy.
The child had to be delivered in the 30th week of pregnancy due to complications with the health of the mother. 
Dr.Gurpreet kaur said  the blood supply to the fetus was affected, posing serious concerns to the baby’s life. Obstetricians advised her to terminate the pregnancy as the chances for the baby’s survival were slim and posed a threat to her own life.
 Dr Needs Arora said “we took on this case as a challenge due to the complications and risks involved. Born in the 30th week of pregnancy, the child had a low birth weight . He was required to be on life support for a week and then shifted to different respiratory support . The baby had to be kept at the hospital for 74 days to develop normal body functions. By the time he was discharged, he weighed a healthy 1.4 kg,” added Dr.Neeraj

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