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Govt Mohindra College Patiala Celebrated Teacher’s Day in Sufi Colour

Today in Govt Mohindra College Patiala a programme was organised to celebrate Teacher’s day. This programme was inaugurated by the honourable chief guest Shri K.K. Sharma Chairman PRTC Patiala. In this programme the college Principal Dr. Sangeeta Handa welcomed the chief guest as well as the retired professors from Mohindra College and other colleges. Madam Principal While addressing the guests as well as faculty members of the college told that purpose behind celebrating this day is to honour all the retired professors of the college. It is only because of contribution of these teachers that the college is achieving the heights of glory.

while expressing her thoughts madam principal said that “A good teacher is a true guide for a student” on this occasions a “Mohindra Teacher Association Club” was formed in the college.Madam said that these types of programmes must be organised in the college every year. While addressing the audience the chief guest Shri K. K Sharma said that this programme is a real tribute to Dr. Radha Krishnan.Every year Teacher’s day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Radha Krishnan . The Chief guest said that today to save water and environment is a big challenge for new generation and for this we all should join our hands together so that the coming generation will not have to face any problems . The Chief guest congratulated madam Principal and faculty members of the college for the success of the programme.

On this day a Sufi cultural programme was organised in the college in which two old students of the college named Mohammad Habib and Anhad jot entertained the audience with their singing in Sufi style.

These old students of the college thanked their Guru Dr. Nirmal Neer head of the music department. They told that they are at this place only because of the blessing of their Guru. At the end of the programme vice principal of the college Prof Tripati Sharma thanked the chief guest, principal madam, all retired professors, guests and faculty members of the college.

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