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Ramanpreet Kaur Kohli won the tittle of Patiala MC of the Year 2018

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The editorial team of Patiala Politics carried an online poll to gauge the popularity of the Municipal Councillors of the city. In a surprising twist, the lone Akali Dal MC of ward no. 37, Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur Johny Kohli was voted the most popular MC in the city.

Screenshot Taken at 10pm on 22 January 2019 👇👇

She won the poll with a comfortable margin of almost 300 votes. Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur bagged 504 votes while the second most popular MC of the city, Senior Deputy Mayor, Yoginder Yogi managed to bag 209 votes. The shocking aspect of the poll was the city mayor, Sanjeev Bittu managed to secure a meagre 24 votes. The results of the online poll were updated on the facebook group, Patiala Helpline Punjab. The page is fast turning out to be the most active media space for the Patialavis where they are voicing their concerns and raising local issues. The online poll acted as a revelation as many people raised the issue of non-communication with the councillors of their respective wards. In fact some members of the group commented that they didn’t even knew who the councillor of their ward was. The poll has offered an insight into the minds of the residents of the CM city, which clearly shows that there is a growing discontentment and restless against the congress regime at least at the local level. With the 2019 general elections just around the corner, a certain course correction might be the need of the hour if they have to forget the horrors of 2014, when they ceded the coveted Lok Sabha seat to the Aam Aadmi Party.

Senior Deputy Mayor, Yoginder Singh Yogi of ward no 47 was the only congressman who gave some kind of a fight to Akali Candidate,but the most popular Congress MC of the city fell behind in the final tally.

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