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World Hypertension Day celebrated in MKH Patiala

Patiala : As per the directions of Director Health and Family Welfare Punjab, World Hypertension Day 2019 with theme of “know your numbers” was celebreated by District Health Department at Mata Kaushalya Hospital. Aa screening camp was organised and inagurated by Civil Surgeon Dr Manjit Singh and Medical superintendent (MKH) dr. Renu Aggarwal. During this camp blood pressure of all the patients age 30 years and above was checked and there realitives who company them were also screened. Dr Singh told that world hypertension day is celebrated in district hospital, sub district hospitals and Community health centers where free screening camps for hypertension were organised. He also made people aware that high blood pressure is very common Heart Disease which can lead to heart failure, stroke, Kidney disease and also effects eyes which can lead to blindness. Dr renu told that blood pressure is lifestyle disease and by modification in eating habits like restricting salt intake, fat intake, with high intake of fruits and vegetables and no consumption of alcohol and tobacco it can be control. Regular exercise and weight reduction also helps in lowering blood pressure.

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