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War footing effort by Civil Surgeon to curb dengue

October 12, 2018 - PatialaPolitics

Health department despite of having high load of managing arising number of dengue cases is still continuing its efforts to limit the spread in coolaboration with municipal corporation and private hospitals. In these efforts Civil Surgeon Dr. Manjeet Singh and Epidemilologist Dr. Gurmeet Singh and Dr. Sumeet Singh met with IMA patiala office bearers to make a consensus regarding treatment of dengue positive case. Accepting the concerns raised by health deaprtmnet IMA passed its resolution to its members to strictly follow govt. instruction to not charge beyond Rs. 600 for dengue test,provinding information about every dengue confirm case and to not label anyone as dengue without ELISA test.
Health officials also met with Commissioner municipal corporation Patiala on his call, to strategically plan line of action against dengue and prepared a microplan. Civil Surgeon appealed to public that only solution possible is that coming Sunday all citizen of patiala should get rid off any water collection in form of pots, coolers,vases, money plant pots or any container in open having water collection in their houses so that we can eradicate the breeding sites of aedes mosquito. Responsible citizens should come forward to spread this message to the neighbourhood and take initiative.He said that till now 1131 dengue confirmed case have been reported and 556 challan have been issuecd .He assured about adequate medical services available at all govt hospitals.

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