Desh Bhagat University and Lincoln University Forge Pathways for International Education and Career Success

May 11, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Desh Bhagat University and Lincoln University Forge Pathways for International Education and Career Success

Desh Bhagat University (DBU) proudly welcomed Dr. Uday Kumar Ghosh, Faculty of Business Administration & President’s Advisor at Lincoln University, California, for an expert talk on career opportunities in the USA. Dr. Ghosh’s visit to DBU’s Mandi Gobindgarh campus set the stage for an enriching interaction with students, laying the foundation for an exciting collaboration between DBU and Lincoln University.


This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in international education, as DBU and Lincoln University join forces to establish a satellite center of Lincoln University at DBU’s Future Saksham Center of Excellence in Mohali.


Lincoln University, with a prestigious 100-year legacy in California, USA, renowned for its excellence in Business and Diagnostic Imaging programs, brings its expertise to DBU’s doorstep. The partnership between these esteemed institutions offers students a unique opportunity to pursue pathway programs in Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (BS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Dr. Ghosh expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership represents a fusion of academic excellence and global opportunities. Together, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in today’s dynamic professional landscape, particularly in healthcare and business sectors. .”


Dr. Sandeep Singh, President of Desh Bhagat University, echoed Dr. Ghosh’s sentiments, highlighting the significance of this collaboration in providing students with unmatched opportunities for academic and professional growth. “We are delighted to join hands with Lincoln University, a beacon of academic excellence,” stated Dr. Singh. “Through these pathway programs, we aim to empower our students to pursue their aspirations and carve a path towards a successful career.”


The collaboration between DBU and Lincoln University opens doors to a myriad of opportunities for students, offering a gateway to the USA and access to the vibrant academic and professional landscape of Silicon Valley, California. Optional and compulsory practical training opportunities provided after program completion further enhance students’ prospects for career advancement and settlement in the USA.


On this occasion, Chancellor of Desh Bhagat University Dr. Zora Singh, Vice President Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor Dr. Abhijit Joshi, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Media Director Dr. Surjit Kaur Patheja honored Dr. Uday Kumar Ghosh on his visit to the University.


Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Vice President of DBU, emphasized the transformative impact of this collaboration on students’ futures. “This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide global opportunities to our students,” stated Dr. Sadawarti. “We are committed to nurturing talent and preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving global economy.”


The Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging program is particularly noteworthy, addressing the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals globally. Through this program, students acquire specialized skills vital for addressing the evolving healthcare needs of society.