Patiala has plenty of Coronavirus vaccines but few takers

June 6, 2021 - PatialaPolitics

Most of the India is struggling to secure enough vaccines to inoculate their populations.Patiala has the opposite problem: Plenty of shots, but a shortage of people willing to take them.,

On Sunday less than 50% of people eligible to get the shot have stepped forward in a nation with the world’s second-worst Covid-19 outbreak.

On public holiday Sunday Patiala Health department has released the 2400 shots district list,but only 950 took covid vaccination in range of age 45+ people.

The Punjab government on June 4 withdrew the order that mandated the supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses to private hospitals. The decision came amid the opposition’s “profiteering” charge leveled against the Congress government in the state.

A statement issued by the Punjab government stated that it’s order has not been taken in the “right spirit”, and hence it has been decided to withdraw the same.