DBU and Hola India initiate Spanish immersion program

February 2, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

DBU and Hola India initiate Spanish immersion program

Desh Bhagat University hosted a Spanish Discovery event on campus in collaboration with Hola India International today. Ms Ritesh Vashisht, Chief Operations Officer of Hola India International, attended as the chief guest. Ritesh mentioned that the immersive program in Spain offered in collaboration with Universidad Complutense, includes 40 hours of learning Spanish over two weeks. The course involves interactions with industry experts from Spain, providing insights into career possibilities. The tour is scheduled from July 6 to July 21, with a fee of approximately INR 2,20,000 (excluding airfare). The registration deadline is February 15, and the fee includes visa charges, accommodation, and meals.


Ritesh further explained that students interested in advancing with this language will first receive basic exposure in Spain and then come to Desh Bhagat University. DBU and Hola India have jointly launched the immersion program, and professors from Universidad Complutense will be present. If you are proficient in English and possess strong technical skills, this program can open new career avenues. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, making it an excellent learning experience for both personal and professional growth. Ms Ritesh mentioned that Schiller University in America, Tampa, is the first university with campuses in Germany, Madrid, and Paris. Enrolling in courses here provides exposure to four countries. Completing a nine-month program in America grants a three-year work permit. Considering the strict rules for students in Canada and Australia, Now students can explore better opportunities in AI, management, medical, data, and technical professions in these four countries.


During the event, Chancellor Dr Zora Singh and Pro-Chancellor Dr Tajinder Kaur honored Ritesh. Dr Zora Singh expressed admiration for Spain’s culture during his visit. The immersion program will help students learn skills and gain exposure to the culture, language, and tourism of the city. Go Global, Go DBU is the theme, and students will enrich their university lifestyle through global exploration.


DBU’s Vice President, Dr Harsh Sadawarti, stated that our university is student-centric, receiving excellent responses worldwide. We signed an agreement with Hola India a year ago, and positive results are emerging. We have gathered here for the immersion program. Completing your degree here while visiting Spain can provide you with valuable skills.


BDS First Year students, Yadwinder Kaur, Divya Sood, Harsimran Singh, and Vani, who were present at the event, shared that it was an interesting program where they learned about career opportunities in Spain. Arun Malik, Director of Student International, expressed gratitude. Student Job organized the stage