Congress pushed Jalandhar in a mess ; looted crores meant for development and beautification of the city : AAP

June 26, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Congress pushed Jalandhar in a mess ; looted crores meant for development and beautification of the city : AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab cornered the Congress candidate for Jalandhar west Surinder Kaur. The AAP said that being a deputy mayor Surinder Kaur did nothing for Jalandhar west or Jalandhar city. Most of the time her office remained locked and she could be complacent in Jalandhar smart city funds scam.


Addressing a press conference in Jalandhar on Wednesday, the AAP leader and cabinet minister Harjot Singh Bains asked five questions to the Congress candidate through the media. Harjot Bains said that Surinder Kaur was deputy mayor of Jalandhar for five years and an MC for about 20 years. But the question is while being MC and Deputy Mayor what has she done for the Jalandhar west and its people. The AAP leader asked the Congress candidate why her office mostly stayed locked while she was deputy mayor. Why didn’t she go among the people, listen to their problems and address them?


The AAP Minister also questioned Surinder Kaur about the scam of Smart City funds. He said that she should tell the people whether she was involved in that scam or not, and if not then why she stayed silent on the scam of 760 crores. Today Jalandhar’s roads, streets and sewage are in a terrible condition, where did all the money go?


Bains said that the responsibility of the maintenance of roads, streets, street lights, sewage systems etc. falls on the local body of the city where Surinder Kaur completely failed the people. He said that she didn’t even go to her office, never conducted any meetings with the councillors to solve these issues. She owes people an explanation for this failure.


The AAP leader said that Surinder Kaur being a deputy mayor only gave one gift to Jalandhar west that is a huge mountain of waste in Varyana. Harjot Bains said that why didn’t she do anything about it. He said that today in Varyana the conditions are even liveable, whose responsibility is that? He said that the area is also suffering from lack of drinkable water. So, how many water bodies or tubewells did she give to this constituency.


Aam Aadmi party’s Lok Sabha candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu was also present in this press conference. He said that this by-election was imposed on the people of Jalandhar west by an incompetent and corrupt leader. Congress candidate from Jalandhar West Surinder Kaur has been a councilor and senior deputy mayor for 20 years. Can she tell the people any of her achievements for the development of Jalandhar West during her entire tenure as Senior Deputy Mayor?


AAP’s five questions to Surinder Kaur


Question 1. As a senior deputy mayor, why was your office shut and why were you absent from the office all the time? Have you ever met the 23 councilors and taken their feedback, let alone solving the Jalandhar West Constituency’s issues?


Question 2. Why did you never say anything about the billions of rupees scam of the Smart City Project, which took place in a Congress corporation, when the Congress government was in Punjab?


Question 3. What did the Congress Corporation do to solve the basic problems like roads, sewage, cleaning of drains, garbage in Jalandhar?


Question 4. Garbage mountain in Varyana dump has become a disaster for people. In the cleanliness survey of the year 2018, 19, 20, why Jalandhar could not come in the list of the first 100 cities of the country, what was the reason?


Question 5. How many tube wells did the Congress candidate install in her area to bring clean drinking water to the people?