Wearing mask is mandatory while travelling by vehicle

June 8, 2020 - PatialaPolitics

Wearing mask mandatory for person travelling by vehicles, clarifies Civil Surgeon Patiala Harish Malhotra

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Issue arises after letter of Civil Surgeon Patiala goes viral on Social media.
Responding to the issue raised by the Civil Surgeon Patiala and news reports appearing in a section of media,SSP Patiala Mandeep Sidhu said that the Patiala Police has been performing its duty as per the guidelines issued by the state government and particularly by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.
SSP Sidhu advised Dr Harish Malhotra CMO Patiala to revisit the department of HFW notification and to refrain from sensationalism as official interdepartmental communication was selectively released to the media.

Now in the daily report of June 8,2020 Civil surgeon made it clear that wearing mask is mandatory for all.

The two department heads locked horns following a challan to a lady doctor