Patiala Shaken by Two Major Accidents This Week

April 2, 2021 - PatialaPolitics

Two fatal accidents in Patiala in a matter of two weeks only have left the Patialavis shaken. It is heart-wrenching to hear the sad loss of lives in the Fortuner accident three days back and the Fountain chownk accident today. It is a humble request to Patialavis to drive slow and safe🙏🙏 Every life is precious 🙏29 March 2021:Accident shocked Patiala on festival day of Holi,injuring five person with his SUV outside Thapar college traffic lights. The accident was so severe that it smashes the Hyundai, Swift car badly,results in 3 deaths02 April 2021: Collision between bus and Canter truck near fountain chownk Patiala,no casualties reported but the impact of accident was so bad that one of the vehicle is totally damaged.Both the accident occurred within City limits where over speed results in major loss.Join #PatialaHelpline & #PatialaPolitics for latest updates 🔴