Dr Manit Arora treats national record-winning athletefor Knee Injury

June 3, 2022 - PatialaPolitics

Dr Manit Arora treats national record-winning athletefor Knee Injury



Dr Manit Arora treats national record-winning athletefor Knee Injury


-Key-Hole procedure helps athletes return to sports faster; Player Harmilan Bains resumed training practice two weeks post the surgery


Patiala, June 3, 2022: The Orthopedics Team at Fortis Hospital Mohall recently successfully operated on amiddle-distance runner Harmilan Bains, who had set a national record in the 1500-metre event at the 60th National Open Athletics Championships in Warangal, Telangana, last year – for a knee injury through the


Keyhole Arthroscopy Surgery.


The national record-winning athlete had excruciating pain, swelling and inflammation in her right knee, which prevented her from qualifying for the Asian Games 2022. The highly-skilled team of doctors led by Dr Manit Aroraperformed the Keyhole Arthroscopy Surgeryon the middle-distance runner on 10th May 2022.


Patient Harmilan Bains approached Dr Manit Arora, Consultant, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mohali, where subsequent examination revealed impingement of the fat pad in the knee along with medial plica (vestigial tissue in knee). The health condition is usually caused by stressing or overusing the knee while running or over-exercising.


Dr Arora performed Keyhole Arthroscopy Surgery, wherein the knee joint is operated with a scope in a minimally invasive manner with small cuts. The procedure lasted about 20 minutes and Patient Harmilan Bainswas able to walk on the same day with crutches. She was discharged soon after.Post two weeks, Patient Harmilan Bainswas finally off crutches and resumed her training practice along with physiotherapy.


Discussing the benefits of the Keyhole Arthroscopy Surgery, Dr Arora, added, “The surgery leads to quick recovery and helps athletes return to sports faster. The procedure enables patients to walk thevery next day of the surgery.”