IPRM Chetan Singh Jauramajra launches Online Accreditation Portal for journalists

August 2, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

IPRM Chetan Singh Jauramajra launches Online Accreditation Portal for journalists

Marking a significant milestone in efficiency and transparency, Punjab Information and Public Relations Minister S. Chetan Singh Jauramajra on Wednesday launched an online portal, designed to streamline the process of journalists obtaining their accreditation, in his office here at Punjab Civil Secretariat-1. The portal, designed for the Department of Information and Public Relations and developed by the NIC Punjab, promises to revolutionize the process of issuing the identity to media persons.


The Cabinet Minister S. Chetan Singh Jauramajra, while inaugurating the portal, expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts put forth by the DIPR and NIC Punjab in creating this innovative tool. He emphasized Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann led government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for journalism and reaffirmed the administration’s unwavering support for a free and responsible press.


He said, this milestone initiative comes as part of government’s commitment to bolstering transparency, accountability and accessibility within the realm of journalism, adding that the portal is poised to revolutionize the accreditation process by harnessing the power of technology and ensuring that journalists can focus on their crucial work without undue administrative burdens.


With the launch of this state-of-the-art portal, S. Chetan Singh Jauramajra said that aspiring and established journalists can navigate the application process with ease and convenience. By utilizing the platform, they can submit their documents, verify their credentials and gain accreditation in an efficient and timely manner.


Mr. Adil Azmi, OSD/Chief Minister (Media) Punjab said that immediately after assuming the charge of his office, Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann had instructed the officials of the Information and Public Relations Department to ensure that all matters related to journalists should be resolved on priority. He added that this initiative of Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann government will prove to be a milestone for the journalists.


Secretary IPR Mr. Malwinder Singh Jaggi informed that online accreditation platform will allow journalists to submit their accreditation applications digitally. He said, gone are the days of lengthy paperwork and delays, adding that now, with just a few clicks, journalists can provide their personal information, media organization details and relevant documentation for verification.


Mr. Jaggi said that the new system includes several key features designed to enhance the accreditation process like this pioneering platform will allow journalists to submit their applications from the comfort of their own workplaces, whether at the district or state level. He said that the initiative aims to significantly streamline the accreditation process, minimizing manual intervention and reducing approval times.


Director IPR Mr. Bhupinder Singh said that journalists can now submit their applications directly from their doorsteps, eliminating the need to travel to regional or state offices. This innovative approach will save time and resources for journalists working in diverse regions.


On this occasion, Deputy Director (Press) Mr. Ishwinder Singh Grewal, Deputy Director Mr. Gurmeet Singh Khaira, DDG & SIO Punjab Mr. Vivek Sharma, Sr. Director & ASIO (D) Mrs. Usha Rai and Director (IT) Mr. Pankaj Jain were also present.






Once applications are submitted on https://eservices.punjab.gov.in, the system automatically escalates them to the approval authority at the state level. The absence of manual intervention will expedite the process, ensuring quick and efficient accreditation.


Applicants receive SMS and email alerts, keeping them informed about the status of their applications and the expected time for approval. This feature helps journalists plan their coverage schedules with confidence.


In the event of objections to an application, the system enables the process to be conducted online. Applicants can address objections and make necessary adjustments directly, avoiding unnecessary visits to physical offices.


The new system, a result of close collaboration between government authorities, media organizations and NIC, aims to empower journalists with the tools they need to perform their duties effectively. By leveraging digital solutions, the platform enhances transparency, expediency and convenience in the accreditation process.