DBU FC Secures Dominant 4-0 Victory Over RIMT in Thrilling Football Match

March 18, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

DBU FC Secures Dominant 4-0 Victory Over RIMT in Thrilling Football Match

In a riveting football encounter hosted at the Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technologies, Desh Bhagat University Football Club (DBU FC) showcased their prowess by securing an impressive 4-0 win against RIMT FC. The match, held at Katani Kalan, Ludhiana, captivated spectators with its intense gameplay and remarkable display of skill from both teams.


The anticipation among spectators was palpable as they eagerly awaited the clash between DBU FC and RIMT FC. The first half witnessed a fierce battle for control, with neither side willing to concede. However, it was DBU FC who broke the deadlock with a stellar performance by Ozzy Daniel, whose sensational goal ignited cheers from the away crowd, giving DBU FC a 1-0 lead at halftime.


As the second half commenced, the intensity of the game soared, with both teams launching relentless attacks. DBU FC’s goalkeeper, Bravo A Barclay, showcased his exceptional skills with breathtaking saves, denying RIMT FC numerous scoring opportunities.


In the final moments of the match, Ozzy Daniel once again demonstrated his brilliance by capitalizing on a golden opportunity and delivering another stunning strike, sealing DBU FC’s victory with a commanding 4-0 scoreline. The stadium erupted in jubilation as DBU FC secured a well-deserved win.


Dr. Sandeep Singh, President of DBU, extended his congratulations to the winning team and commended the players for their outstanding efforts on the field.