Swiss court sentences Prakash Hinduja, 3 family members to 4 years in jail

June 22, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Swiss court sentences Prakash Hinduja, 3 family members to 4 years in jail

Four members of the richest family of Britain, Prakash Hinduja, his wife Kamal Hinduja, their son Ajay Hinduja and his wife Namrata Hinduja have all been sentenced to jail by a Swiss court for exploiting Indian migrant servants whom they made to work for upto 18 hours a day for less than Rs 700 (£7) per day.

The hourly rate in Switzerland is 32chf which is Rs 2800 (£28).


They paid them in Indian rupees rather than the local currency. Confiscated their passports and didn’t allow them to go out. They spent more money in looking after their dogs than paying a decent salary to their servants.


Prakash Hinduja and his wife are in their mid to late 70’s. This age is for retiring and moving towards spirituality and not going to jail on serious charges like human trafficking. They have both received 4.5 yrs jail term while the son Ajay and his wife Namrata have got 4 yrs each.


This is how the justice system works in developed country, even though the family did an out of court settlement with the servants in the civil court, criminal charges were still brought against them and they were tried in the court and punished. It doesn’t matter how rich or influential one is, law is equal for all.


They probably spent a lot of wealth fighting this case that took away a lot more than money from them. All they needed to do was to treat and pay those working for them, cooking for them and looking after their children, right. Karma always catches up.