SGPC replies to Archana Makwana after she threatened management to withdraw the FIR

June 27, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

SGPC replies to Archana Makwana after she threatened management to withdraw the FIR

Entire design of Archana Makwana’s behaviour and acts is clear from her social media activities in last 6 days. First she violated Maryada at Sri Harmandar Sahib, by hurting sentiments of Sikh community after posting objectionable photo/video on her social media. After which, manager of Sri Harmandar Sahib lodged a complaint against her and an FIR under Section 295-A IPC has been registered by Amritsar Police.

Meanwhile, Archana apologised about the incident, but even after her apology, she continued to post objectionable content on her social media instigating and provoking the people on public platform to stop visiting Gurdwara Sahib and ran a false propaganda against SGPC. It seems, Archana is working under some nefarious and hateful agenda.

In a video today, she is claiming that no Maryada related guidelines have been displayed by the management of Sri Harmandar Sahib, while the fact is that a large screen is installed at the Ghanta Ghar entrance gate, from which she took entry. She is claiming that nobody stopped her from making video or clicking photos, while the fact is she was stopped at the entry gate on June 21 by the on-duty Sewadar, when she was filming her entry on mobile washing her feet in the Charan Ganga. In today’s video Archana is also threatening the SGPC management to withdraw the FIR lodged against her. If she felt apologised, why she is continuing to post objectionable and hateful expressions towards the SGPC, the representative body of Sikhs.

On June 21, Archana did not even pay obeisance at Sri Harmandar Sahib or any related Gurdwara Sahib inside the complex. Archana visited Sri Harmandar Sahib on June 20 as well, when she paid obeisance and did some Sewa, but that does not give her liberty to come next day and violate the Maryada. On June 20, Archana was provided all possible guidance as sought by the staff of Sri Darbar Sahib, but on June 21, she did not feel it necessary to seek any guidance and did objectionable act inside the complex.

In such a situation, the SGPC management demands from the Amritsar Police to arrest Archana Makwana, to unearth the anti-Sikh nefarious design under which she seems to have been working and her case be decided in the court of law.

It is worth mentioning that Sri Harmandar Sahib is Central Sikh place open to people from all backgrounds without any discrimination, however, following the conduct of this Sikh place is mandatory for all the visitors and devotees.

Yesterday, Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib has also instructed the Sangat coming to pay obeisance at Sri Harmandar Sahib to take care of the Maryada while they are inside the complex of this holy Sikh place. He said that devotees should keep their phones switched off keeping in mind the Maryada at Sri Darbar Sahib. Along with this, he also specifically said that the artists who come to pay obeisance here should not use this holy place for the promotion of their films, songs, etc. but should get spiritual power from here.


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