Minister’s Flying Squad catches three conductors defrauding govt exchequer

June 26, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

Minister’s Flying Squad catches three conductors defrauding govt exchequer

The Minister’s Flying Squad, constituted by Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar, caught three conductors for swindling government exchequer and passengers. Among them, one conductor had cheated the passengers of about Rs.1200, while another conductor has been reported in two embezzlement cases in two days.

          Divulging further details, Transport Minister S. Laljit Singh Bhullar said that during the checking at Khanna, the flying squad checked Bus No. PB-02-EG 4728 of Tarn Taran Depot, wherein conductor Jaskaran Singh was found guilty of not issuing tickets to passengers despite collecting Rs.1170 from them. This bus was bound to Tarn Taran from Delhi. Similarly, during the checking of Bus No. PB-10-HT 2834 of Ludhiana Depot at Haidon, conductor Sanjay Kumar was found to have misappropriated Rs.615, which he collected from the passengers but did not give them tickets in return. One day ago, conductor Sanjay Kumar had caused a financial loss of Rs.283 to the department by not collecting adda fee of three buses, due to which he was replaced and deputed on the bus.

          As part of the series of checks in other states, the Cabinet Minister said that the Minister’s Flying Squad conducted checking at Banikhet in Himachal Pradesh, from where conductor Manjit Singh of Bus No. PB-02-EG 0964 of Amritsar-1 Depot has been reported for collecting Rs.490 from passengers and not issuing tickets for the same amount.

  1. Laljit Singh Bhullar said that apart from this, two buses have also been reported for plying on unscheduled routes during the checking on Phagwara bypass. He said, Bus No. PB-08-EX 0976 of Jalandhar-1 depot and Bus No. PB-07-BQ 5442 of SBS Nagar Depot were carrying only 9 and 6 passengers, respectively due to operating on unscheduled route. The Transport Minister directed the higher authorities for disciplinary action against the reported drivers and conductors.