MP Patiala drops traditional Nath Chooda in Waddi Naddi to save People from flood 

July 11, 2023 - PatialaPolitics

MP Patiala drops traditional Nath Chooda in Waddi Naddi to save People from flood

ਮਹਾਰਾਨੀ ਪਰਨੀਤ ਕੌਰ ਤੇ ਬੀਬਾ ਜੈ ਨੇ ਰਵਾਇਤੀ ਨੱਥ ਚੂੜਾ ਕੀਤਾ ਭੇਟ
MP Patiala Preneet Kaur and Jai Inder Kaur presents traditional Nath and Chura to Patiala’s Badi Nadi
It’s an age old tradition of Patiala : Preneet Kaur
District Administration and Army are doing a commendable job of rescuing people : MP Patiala
Patiala, 11 July
Ex-external affairs minister and Member of Parliament from Patiala Preneet Kaur today presented the traditional Nath and Chura to Patiala’s raging Badi Nadi along with her daughter Jai Inder Kaur.
Preneet Kaur and Jai Inder Kaur first offered their obeisances at Burj Baba Ala Singh ji at Patiala’s historic Qila Mubarak, where Ardaas and Pooja were held for the safety and prosperity of Patiala and Punjab and then they preceded to offer the Nath and Chura at Patiala’s Badi Nadi bridge near Sabji Mandi.
Later talking to the media Preneet Kaur said, “Due to incessant rains during the last few days there is an impending flood like situation in Patiala and many other places in Punjab. This (Presenting of Nath and Chuda) has been an age old tradition of Patiala and had been done during 1994 floods also.”
She further informed, “First we held Pooja and Ardaas at the historic Burj Baba Ala Singh Ji at Qila Mubarak and then here me and my daughter Jai Inder Kaur presented the traditional items to the raging Badi Nadi of Patiala. I pray that may God bless us all and we overcome this massive problem we are currently facing.”
The Patiala MP further appreciated the efforts of Administration saying, “Our Patiala District adminstration and Indian army are doing commendable efforts to ensure safety and security of everyone and are rescuing the people in need. I urge the people of Patiala to not panic and support the district administration in their efforts to safeguard everyone. If needed people can migrate temporarily to the special shelters setup by the administration.”
Answering a query on Captain Amarinder Singh she said, “Maharaja Captain Amarinder Singh ji was supposed to come today but he couldn’t travel due to bad weather and he requested me and Jai Inder to fulfill this family tradition.”
On a query about the opposition’s comments Preneet Kaur said, “Today is not a day to do politics and we didn’t come here as politicians, we are here as citizens of Patiala and I urge you all to also not pay any heed to these unnecessary politically motivated comments. This was a major demand (Presenting of Nath and Chura) coming from the people of Patiala from the last 2 days and we are here to fulfill that.”


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