Sadak Surkhya Force: Punjab Police To Help Commuters Get Real-time Traffic Updates Via Mapmyindia’s Mappls App

January 27, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Sadak Surkhya Force: Punjab Police To Help Commuters Get Real-time Traffic Updates Via Mapmyindia’s Mappls App

Ahead of the launch of the much ambitious ‘Sadak Surakhya Force’ project of the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, the Punjab Police is all set to take help of the MapmyIndia’s Mappls app— a 100% swadeshi app developed especially for India— to guide commuters with real-time traffic updates and safety alerts. The SSF is a special police team dedicated towards road safety and effectively chasing criminals.


Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Traffic Amardeep Singh Rai said that the collaboration with MapmyIndia represents a significant step forward in our efforts not only to streamline the traffic management across Punjab but also to prioritise the safety of citizens, commuters, and the general public, all without any associated costs. “We are excited to provide real-time information and encourage public participation to create safer and more efficient roadways for our citizens,” he said.


MapmyIndia’s Mappls Team has already conducted a significant training program for the Sadak Surkhya Force (SSF) personnel at Kapurthala to help usher in a new era of traffic management and safety through the integration of cutting-edge technology with government systems.


Pertinently, MapmyIndia’s Mappls app will provide its web and mobile-based app integrated with highly detailed digital maps, navigation information, as well as advisories and planning from Punjab Traffic Police for free to the citizens. Apart from updating commuters about the daily traffic advisories, encompassing events such as processions, protests, rallies, VIP Movements, road closures, and diversions, the Mappls App will also provide vital road safety information addressing concerns like black spots, dangerous turns, updated speed limits, and accident-prone zones to the users.


CEO of MapmyIndia Rohan Verma expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We are committed to enhancing the lives of Indians through technology rooted in our country. Mappls integration of advisories and planning with Punjab Traffic Police underlines our commitment,” he said, while adding that commuters can participate by providing feedback and real-time alerts, furthering the collaborative effort for improved traffic management, road safety, and efficient emergency services delivery.


The Mappls app will also help users identify the nearby government service facilities on the map, empowering them to generate route options with estimated arrival times and distances between selected locations. The inclusion of point-of-interest (POI) navigation further enhances the user experience.


Furthermore, coordination with ambulance operators in the state will enable the sharing of real-time information on ambulance positions through the Mappls App, ultimately bolstering the emergency response and services provided to the public.