Desh Bhagat University Organized expert talk show on deep fake

February 23, 2024 - PatialaPolitics


Desh Bhagat University Organized expert talk show on deep fake


With picture : Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor and Dr. Tajinder Kaur Pro-Chancellor Inaugurating the Cyber Guard Club.




*Mandi Gobindgarh, Date: 23-02-2024*




Desh Bhagat University’s Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences, along with the Departments of Computer Science Engineering and Computer Science Application, organized an expert talk show focusing on the emerging challenges of deepfake technology. The event aimed to raise awareness about the implications of AI-driven deepfake content and explore avenues for ensuring online safety amidst its proliferation.




Chahak Mittal, CISSP Manager at Universal Logistic in the USA, served as the keynote speaker, shedding light on the intricacies of AI in deepfake, emphasizing the significance of vigilance in today’s digital landscape. Mittal highlighted both the merits and demerits of deepfake technology, urging individuals to exercise caution and critical thinking before sharing online content.




Inaugurating the Cyber Guard Club of DBU were esteemed personalities Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor of Desh Bhagat University, and Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Pro-Chancellor. Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Vice President, welcomed the attendees, underscoring the university’s commitment to technological advancement and the cultivation of innovative skills among students.




Mittal elucidated that while AI-powered deepfake presents opportunities, such as aiding in medical surgeries using patient data, it also poses significant risks, particularly in terms of misinformation and privacy breaches. She emphasized the importance of regulatory measures, industry responsibility, and user awareness in curbing the proliferation of deepfake content.




Career opportunities:




Addressing the career prospects in this domain, Mittal outlined various opportunities, including roles such as ethical hackers, IT auditors, AI auditors, and policymakers focusing on technology governance. He stressed the need for professionals capable of assessing risks associated with emerging technologies and formulating compliance frameworks.




The event witnessed the presence of distinguished faculty members including Dr. Khusboo Bansal, Dr. Surjeet Patheja, Dr. Amitabh Vahi, Dr. Navneet, Gurjeet Singh, and others, alongside the successful coordination of the stage by student Amandeep Kaur.




In conclusion, the expert talk show underscored the critical importance of verifying and discerning online content to combat the spread of deepfake technology. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders and promoting ethical considerations, the aim is to harness AI responsibly for societal benefit.