The consecration ceremony of Shri Ramji was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Desh Bhagat University

January 22, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

The consecration ceremony of Shri Ramji was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Desh Bhagat University

-Bhajan-Satsang and HavanYajna were organized on the campus

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 22: Shri Ram JanmabhoomiPranPratishtha Ceremony was celebrated today with a Bhajan-Satsang and HavanYajna at DeshBhagat University Campus. The atmosphere on the campus was filled with joy, respect and gratitude. How could every member of Desh Bhagat University stay behind from the life consecration ceremony at the adorable Lord Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, the symbol of immortality, immortality and eternity? All the members gathered in the Mahapragya Hall of the University to witness the moments of this glorious history.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of Desh Bhagat University, Dr Zora Singh, while congratulating everyone, said that the prestige of Lord Ram is not just the prestige of the idol in a temple. This is a flag-bearing ceremony of the country’s identity and culture. We should take inspiration of sacrifice and harmony from the life of Shri Ram Ji.

On this occasion, Pro-Chancellor Dr. Tejinder Kaur said that today the University is drenched in the devotional stream of Ram Naam Dhara due to Ramotsav. Ram Rajya started in DBU. Students can achieve better heights in their lives by learning the ideals and dignity of the life of MaryadaPurushottam Shri Ram. That King Ram gave up his happiness for the happiness of his people is the glory of Lord Ram.

Expressing his happiness on this occasion, President Dr Sandeep Singh said that today’s occasion is not only a moment of celebration but also a moment of maturity of Indian society. The history of the world is witness.

Chancellor’s advisor Dr. Virender Singh said that the human form of Ram teaches us that we never occupied any land. Move towards saving humanity with this ideology. Every character of Ramayana gives a message, this is the Ram Rajya that we imagine in this university.

Earlier, a Professor of Ayurvedic College, Dr. Anil Joshi said that this is not a common incident, it has a history of about 500 years. This incident is a message of the renaissance of the Vedic Sanatan culture of this country of India and the awakening of Sanatan culture has to happen only for the welfare of the entire world. This is a Vedic way of living.

The program started with Havan Yajna and the recitation of Shloka Mantra at the Chancellor’s Secretariat. The entire campus echoed with deafening shouts of Jai Shri Ram. The Bhajan program was organized in Mahapragya Hall. The program started by honouring the guests present by giving them saplings. University Vice Chancellor Dr Zora Singh, Pro-Chancellor Dr Tejinder Kaur, Vice President Dr Harsh Sadavarty, Dr Virender Singh, and Surjeet Patheja lighten the lamp. After this, the DBU anthem was played. Under the supervision of Dr Kanwaljit Singh of the Social Science Department, Rajendra Kaur sang the hymn ‘Jai SiyaramAyodhyaJagmagayegi…’.Ankush Bali, the teacher of Global School, sang the bhajan ‘Saja do gharkogulshansa mere Prabhu Ram aaye hain…’. Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor Dr Zora Singh enthralled everyone by singing the hymn ‘DayaKaro…’. The students of Ayurvedic College recited the hymn ‘Kabhi Ram BankeKabhiShyamBanke…’. Young students of DeshBhagat Global School presented a dance on the hymn ‘deep jlakarkhushiyaanmanao mere janam pap dhul jayenge’…

Vice President Dr. Harsh Sadawarti told the students present on this occasion that in DBU everyone is taking the name of Ram with enthusiasm, zeal and devotion, here every religion and caste is seen equally and the credit for this Goes to the vision of the Chancellor. We can learn a lot from Maryada Purushottam Ram. We can understand how to do problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making.

During this time, a live telecast of the Ram temple from Ayodhya was also shown, which was arranged for everyone to watch on the campus and hostel. BrahmBhoj was also organized for 11 Brahmins in the programme. The stage was conducted by Dr. Renu Sharma.