Desh Bhagat University Celebrates World Sustainable Energy Day

March 9, 2024 - PatialaPolitics

Desh Bhagat University Celebrates World Sustainable Energy Day

Desh Bhagat University’s campus was abuzz with enthusiasm as it celebrated World Sustainable Energy Day. The event, organized by the Electrical Department in collaboration with the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) and the Techno Club, witnessed an insightful exchange of ideas and a fervent commitment towards sustainable energy practices.




The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Vice President of DBU. Students from the department showcased their creativity and awareness through engaging presentations and poster-making sessions. They highlighted various aspects of sustainable energy, including the utilization of wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, and hydro energy. Their presentations emphasized the significance of sustainable energy sources in combating global warming and preserving our planet for future generations by sharing some great ideas to save our world and society.




Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, in his address, underscored the importance of sustainable energy and its impact on our daily lives. He urged students and faculty members to contribute to environmental conservation efforts by planting at least one tree every month. Additionally, he advocated for the widespread adoption of solar energy through the use of solar lights to conserve power. Dr. Sadawarti also stressed the integration of different energy sources with technology to broaden their applications, aligning with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Winner of the competition:-


The achievements of participants in the PowerPoint presentations and poster presentation competition were notable. In the PowerPoint presentation category, BCA 6th semester student Flora, alongside Diploma CSE 4th semester student Dev Mukherjee, secured the 1st position. Following closely, Btech CSE student Rupal Tiwari achieved the 2nd position, while Btech EE student Md Tarikul Sheikh attained the 3rd position. In the poster presentation category, Diploma CSE student Divyanshi Saini claimed the first position, followed by Btech CSE student Manisha Rani in the second position. Additionally, BCA student Mehnaz, along with Diploma EE students Amanpreet Singh and Ritesh Thour, earned the third position.




The event witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities, including Registrar Dr. Parmod Mandal and Dr. Khusboo Bansal, alongside Heads of Departments, faculty, and enthusiastic students from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Dr. Gurinder Kaur Sodhi coordinated the event, ensuring its success, while Student Amanpreet efficiently managed the proceedings on stage.






[Note to Editors: Attached are photos capturing moments from the event, including award presentations and poster showcases.]




Photo Caption 1 & 1 A: In PowerPoint presentation 1st position BCA 6th semester student Flora along with Diploma CSE 4th semester student Dev Mukherjee receiving awards from VP Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Dr. Parmod Mandal, Dr Khusboo Bansal & Dr Gurinder Kaur Sodhi.


Photo Caption 2: Diploma CSE 4th semester student Divyanshi Saini showing her poster presentation.


Photo Caption2A: Diploma CSE 4th semester student Divyanshi Saini awarded first position in poster presentation and received a certificate from VP Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Dr. Parmod Mandal & Dr Khusboo Bansal.