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The big decision of the Indian Railways

March 1, 2022 - PatialaPolitics

The big decision of the Indian Railways


As the Covid-19 cases continue to show a consistent decline across the country, the railways have decided to resume general class passenger services.

In trains already restored with regular train numbers, second class accommodation shall be earmarked reserved or unreserved as per applicability during pre-pandemic period,” the railways said in a circular


Apart from this, second class accommodation of special trains currently running as holiday special trains will also be earmarked and reserved or unreserved as per policy, it added.

Explaining further, he said if a train had four unreserved general seating coaches during the pre-pandemic period, but are now being operated as 2S reserved class, these shall be restored as unreserved coaches with effect from Advance Reservation Period (120 days hence) or no booking date (date from which no passenger has booked reserved ticket in 2S class).


“However, if a train had few GSCZ or similar type of coaches running as reserved second sitting coaches (2S class) in pre-Covid times, these shall continue as reserved sitting coaches in those trains even now